Weekly Update: June 2, 2015

Dear Family,

What a wonderful time of celebration and thanks for our graduates this past Sunday. It was beautiful to see them gathered up front to receive their Bibles and the prayers of the elders. Thanks again to Shane Fowler and all of his leaders for loving and caring for our youth.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers for my friend and brother, Mike Francis. You will be receiving email updates from Debbie Koerner as I receive them.

Next week I will be attending General Assembly in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I so look forward to that time as I get to catch up with many dear friends. I have a few lunches and dinners planned. I also hope to catch up with our members, Manny and Rachel Carril. The Carrils have moved to Dayton due to work. Dayton is about thirty minutes from where I will be.

Can you believe it's June already? As I write this post, there are only a couple of days left for St. Johns County schools and summer begins! With this season comes lots of travel and vacations, which is much needed! However, there is also a problem that arises. This tends to be a season where Christians severely neglect attending worship. Here is a post entitled, 5 Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church that I'd like to encourage you to read. Sometimes we miss church for good reasons (such as illness and vacation), but we also miss church for poor reasons (such as lack of priority and laziness). Hopefully, this will spur all of us to re-consider the importance of church attendance.

Please be sure to check the church calendar for all the Cross Creek happenings this summer!

Grace and peace in Christ,