Weekly Update: October 4, 2016

Dear Family,

Approximately one month ago we went out on faith and launched a Saturday night service. The intent was to provide another opportunity for our community to worship Christ and fellowship with us. Even in the first few weeks, God is drawing visitors to Cross Creek. Our overall attendance has increased and we have a dozen folks in Taste of Cross Creek. Interestingly, when asked how they found Cross Creek, the people in the new member's class said virtually the same thing - a church member invited them. Still, even though we live in a technological age where social media advertising dominates, the Lord tends to add to the church through relationships. As encouraging as this is, we need to remain prayerful, ever dependent on God's grace, and willing to take the initiative to invite others to our church. And one more thing, all the people in Taste of Cross Creek made mention of how caring, warm and friendly they found our church to be. You are loving our visitors well.

Please don't forget to sign up for the Fall Festival. We need everyone's involvement, so please don't wait till the end to get in the game. Kayce Clark is doing a wonderful job putting this event together as always.

Men's Bible study starting tonight, 7 pm at the church, with Keith Snow!

As I write this blog, it appears we have some serious weather headed our way. Hurricane Matthew is currently bearing down on Haiti and Cuba, moving ever closer to the Keys. The next four days hold very high chances of severe wind and rain. Please be thoughtful, watch out for each other, look after the elderly and widows of our church, and make phone calls and visits as you're able. As it stands right now, we should be clear to have worship on Saturday evening.

Lastly, how sweet is this? Welcome home, Ryan. We love you and are so thankful for your service.

See you this weekend!