Weekly Update: February 16, 2016


Dear Family,

Worship is always filled with so many opportunities to thank God for his grace. The singing, prayers, preaching, giving and so on shows just how loving and merciful our Lord is to us. As beautiful as those things are, I was so thankful to hear of Butch and Dawn Lee's forty-first wedding anniversary. In a day where it seems marriages are eroding, it was sweet to share the news of one that is still strong and centered on Christ. We love Butch and Dawn and rejoice with them in the celebration of their marriage.

Reminder that there is a Church-wide Work Day scheduled for March 12th. The routine is typically lawn and shrub maintenance and mulching the flower beds. We want to show delight in the church the Lord has provided us, so if you are able and willing to participate we would love to have you. The more hands we have the less time it will take!

Please devote our church ministries to your prayers. Please pray for those leading life groups, bible studies, and other ministries. Pray that the Lord would draw people to those ministries and that the church would grow and flourish as a result. If we believe in the Lordship of Christ then everything is under his control, authority and presence. As such, we should believe that the Lord has ways of drawing people to himself through our ministries. You have heard me often say during prayer for the tithes and offerings that we give nothing to the Lord that doesn't already belong to him. We are called to be stewards of all things which the Lord has graced us. Likewise, all of our ministries, because they proclaim the name of Jesus, belong to him and he will use them to advance his kingdom.

This Sunday we will continue on our series on the Holy Spirit by looking at Romans 8:9-11, The Spirit of Communion.

See you in worship,