Weekly Update: May 31, 2016

"The Lord has given us a table at which to feast, not an altar on which a victim is to be offered; He has not consecrated priests to make sacrifice, but servants to distribute the sacred feast." - John Calvin, Institutes, 4.18.12

Dear Family,

You're invited to a feast next Sunday. It's a feast presided over by Christ Himself. It is given for our good and for our spiritual nourishment. We gather to observe and express thanks for the New Covenant in Christ's body and blood, which was given and shed for us. And for as long as we partake the sacrament by faith we testify to His return - the promise of His Kingdom consummated. To do this well we should devote ourselves to prayer and the reading of Scripture. Many places speak of the Lord's Supper in the Bible, but perhaps a great place to start would be by reading 1 Corinthians 11. Likewise, since the Table is one of mercy and forgiveness we should seek out others with whom we have unresolved hurt and freely give forgiveness. We should speak the Gospel to ourselves and recall the essential elements of what it means to have been saved by Christ. Reflect on those things and come to the Table with eagerness. Keith Snow will be preaching the Word which must always accompany the Sacrament. So, please pray for Keith as he prepares to preach. Pray that the Word would not return void and that hearts and minds would turn to and receive God's irresistible grace.

Also this Sunday we will be praying for our missions team before they depart for Costa Rica. Please pray that their travel would go well and they would serve for God's glory.

Reminder that I am preparing to embark on some much needed family vacation time. Please direct all communications to Keith Snow. Also, all of our officers are at your service as well. Their email addresses are on the church website: http://crosscreek.us/elders-and-deacons

Blessings in Christ,