Weekly Update: September 1, 2016

Dear Family,

We are approaching ten days until the launch of our second service on Saturday night. Much prayer, work and time has been put in by many people, and I must say that the overall sentiment to this challenge has been overwhelmingly positive. Clearly, most of us are sensing an opportunity to make sacrifices and to serve because God first loved us, but there must also be a love for the community and for the people who will enter our church. This kind of endeavor requires us to proceed in faith and to willingly lay aside our own comforts so others may taste the sweetness of God's grace at Cross Creek. Let's face it, we grow comfortable in the routine and in "the way we've always done it" mentality. We don't want to have our comforts rattled, but that's not God's way. So, please devote the next ten days to prayer for our second service and for the Lord to draw people to Himself.

Our next Taste of Cross Creek (new member's class) will take place immediately after worship on Saturday, October 1 and Saturday, October 8 at the church. This dinner/dessert is a time for people desiring membership to gather to hear about what God is doing in our midst. If you are a visitor reading this blog, please sign up on the website. Childcare will be provided.

One of the best ways to foster community is through Life Groups. These gatherings are intended primarily for fellowship and mutual encouragement. If you are not currently in a life group, you are encouraged to sign up. Also, if you desire to lead a group, please contact Keith Snow for more information. Please sign up on the website by going to the following link: http://crosscreek.us/life-groups

Our Women's Retreat is quickly approaching. For more information and to sign up, please go to: http://crosscreek.us/events/2016/9/16/womens-fall-retreat-2016

See you on Sunday!